Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Walking, eating, shopping

I checked out the book Boston Neighborhoods by Lynda Morganroth yesterday from the Mission Hill library.  For whatever reason, it was filed on the Military History shelf, right next to Naval History.

This is a tourist guide advising where to find picturesque walks, ethnic restaurants and reasonably eclectic boutiques that you can't find in suburban shopping malls.  The BPL edition is copyrighted 2002 and it's surprising how quickly it has gone out of date.  Not the feel for each neighborhood, but how many businesses have gone out of business.  Like any of these guides, it is a time capsule preserving what happened to be around when the author was observing.

Ms. Morganroth is an amenable observer.  Her observations in the South Boston/Dorchester chapter are accurate in spirit and she seems to have actually walked around and enjoyed the details of the neighborhoods.  She is spot on enough about Dot that she's inspired me to take a trip to Somerville's Union Square to see what I can see this weekend.  I always like to take the bus, after all, even if I don't do it as much as would be good for my soul.

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