Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saddling the steel pony

My last day at work was yesterday.  I hit the open road tomorrow, traveling from Dorchester to New Orleans on a 2006 Ninja 250R.  Mine's blue.  The saddlebags are packed with whatever I can think of.  Changes of clothes, including a suit, are on the starboard side.  Supplies and blankets at port.  I'm sure I've forgotten something important but it will be too late by the time I realize I need it.  It will be an adventure.
This is the Little Ninja 2 years ago. Note the Sox.

I've had a sticker of a Massachusetts flag on the port side of the Ninja's body for almost three years.  I peeled it off today the same way I removed the faded Red Sox sticker a few months ago.  My helmet had one of those European-style DOT stickers from College Hype in Adams Village (your source for all Dorchester related merchandise).  That came off too.  I replaced that sticker with a UN flag.  I'm traveling across states as a man without a country, a peacekeeper.

I'll be back in Dorchester towards the end of the month.  Starting tomorrow, I'll be describing my motorcycle journey.  I'm going to try avoiding the highways once I hit Pennsylvania...I'm avoiding New Jersey.  As much as I like the rest areas I don't enjoy the New Jersey Turnpike much.  My ETA in New Orleans is May 10; plenty of time to soak up the sights of this great country.

I've dreamed about a trip like this for years.  The day will arrive tomorrow.

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Michelle H. said...

Have a safe trip! I'll wave once you pass by in PA.


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