Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wearing a motorcycle helmet

I've been a little lax on posting recently because I'm occupied packing my saddlebags and poring over maps for the BABE run that starts on Sunday.  Taking a motorcycle from Boston through New York City to New Orleans should be an easy, if long, affair.  Interestingly, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are the only states on the route that don't require use of a helmet.  These are two states that I won't be spending much time in if I stay on course.

I'm from Connecticut and until I moved to Massachusetts, I didn't wear a helmet.  Never liked them.  I still don't like them but I've gotten used to wearing a helmet.  In fact, I'm so used to it that I wouldn't consider taking it off to feel the cool breeze in my hair.

I have both a full face helmet and two visor helmets (five button).  I'll be taking the full face down to the Big Easy.  I'll be wearing the padded jacket and thick pants with armor over the knees.  I'll be wearing the touring boots from Aerostitch that cost so much I can't bear to get rid of them though I rarely wear them.  It's for a ride like this into terra incognita that you need combat touring boots.

So with all the cartographic study and essential packing, I haven't been singing Dorchester's praises.  I am distracted.  I intend to be posting while I'm on the trip though:  A Dorchestarian on the road, as it were.  Once I arrive in the Crescent City, I'll resume my normal schedule of near daily missives to the ether.  I'll be back in Dot at the end of May for a brief stay and then its another cannonball run, that time via UHaul.

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