Monday, April 25, 2011

National Plumber's Day

Have you hugged your plumber today?  Who knew there was a day devoted to celebrating these unsung and under appreciated heroes of public health and personal sanitation?  Plumbers know.  Now you do too.  Whalehead King tips the fedora today to the world's plumbers.

New Orleans is a city underlaid with pipes and drainage systems.  The city is no longer plagued by yellow fever, typhoid fever, and malaria due to the expert skills of the men and women who have dedicated their professional lives to keeping water flowing.  It's a dirty job, and we should all be collectively grateful for those who do it, keeping us free of squalor and mosquito breeding grounds.

The word plumber comes from the Latin word for lead.  Pipes were traditionally made of lead before other metals and plastics came into common use.  The Latin word for lead?  Plumbum.  It is why the chemical symbol for this element is Pb and why the technicians who deal with pipes were originally known as 'plumbum men.'

As for the embarrassing social hazard that occurs when plumbers bend over in tight spaces, there is a cure for that.  The Duluth Trading Co. is a reputable and ingenious firm, serving working men everywhere, even layabouts like yours truly.

Hug your plumber today! Offer up a salute.


lylaburns123 said...

I have a husband that's in the plumbing industry. I had no idea there was a national plumbing day, and we've been married for four years. I'll have to mark this on my calendar!

Whalehead King said...

Well done, Lyla. I will let this link stand until this post in inundated with spam links.

A tip of the fedora to your husband, and plumbers everywhere,
With a handshake,

Darryl@Milani.Ca said...

Happy 4th anniversary of National Plumbers Day! Plumbers truly play a very important role in our economy. Without them, we'll be seeing water leaks everywhere that could be damaging to our goal of conserving water! Let's give every plumber across the globe a big round of applause! -claps-

Levi Eslinger said...

I agree. People who are willing to get down and dirty so that we can enjoy proper water system management in our homes and businesses should be commended, not only on this particular day, but every time they render us service. So ease up on the crack jokes, and offer your plumber a snack or drink sometimes.

Levi @ Capital Plumbing

jonesalbert said...
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Djadai said...
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Octavio Campo said...
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