Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Location!!!

New Orleans' newest bed and breakfast
I know, I know.  The posting on this blog has been spotty of late.  That's because I have been writing over here at La Belle Esplanade.  This blog has wandered off into my peripheral vision as I enter into my new career as an innkeeper.

Mrs. King and I are proud custodians of a historic property on picturesque Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.  We have completed some extensive renovations and we are open for business as a historic New Orleans bed and breakfast with five two-room suites with private balconies and lush gardens in the back.

While the La Belle Esplanade blog does detail what we are doing around the property to make it a showplace and headquarters for visitors to our fair city, the content is still full of that odd Whalehead magic, turns of phrase, and interesting (to me) explorations of our neighborhood and the city at large.  Check it out.  Balaenius Rex!

If you know anyone who is visiting New Orleans and you think they will appreciate staying in a living neighborhood close by the majority of usual tourist destinations, feel free to direct them to our website.  The url?  Why, it is, 'natch.  We serve a different breakfast every day featuring locally produced items procured from farmers, nearby bakeries, and restaurants.  The furnishings are a mix of period antiques and curios in a very convenient location.  We offer complimentary bicycles for people who want to explore New Orleans in the round.

Be a New Orleanian wherever you are.

A votre sante, and,
With a handshake,
Matthew "Whalehead" King


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