Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Orleans Voodoo

People walk down Esplanade Avenue every day.

New Orleans: a living, breathing city in which miracles only seem to blossom spontaneously.  The brass band marching down Barracks Street this evening has prepared for months for this unscheduled parade.  Only the uninformed are caught unexpected.  Only the neighbors come out to join in.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Update: Dateline: Esplanade Zero.

I know.  I haven't been posting as regularly as I should.  Busy days at the Odditarium trying to get everything up and running.  Deadlines change daily, as do goals.  It is the nature of the beast.

It could be worse.  I could be living on a planet made only for Texans.  I find Louisianans confounding enough.

Balaenius Rex!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ursulines Avenue, New Orleans.

Saint Ursula.
I've spent my share of time on Ursulines Avenue, riverside of North Claiborne Avenue.  It is a magnificent street, majestic in what it promises.  From North Claiborne to Bayou Saint John, it is a pleasant thoroughfare to traverse.  It is wide, and, relatively, pothole-free.

Many people walk the length of Esplanade Avenue, another picturesque street running through this part of New Orleans. Walk a few blocks in the uptown direction and sample Ursulines Avenue.  This is New Orleans living, raw and undiluted, beautiful.  As the route shifts from sun to shade, it mutates along with the varying ways of life that makes New Orleans great.

History resides along Ursulines Avenue, and the blocks that branch off of it.  Take time to admire and venerate the Saint Ann Shrine at North Johnson Street.  Enjoy it all.  Be alive.  New Orleans is made of many parts, all of them important.


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