Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not a New Orleans movie

As I've been touring the city, I've come across a lot of film trucks.  Someone is shooting a film in New Orleans, which isn't really news nowadays.  Louisiana, because of tax breaks being imitated by any number of states, has a robust film support industry.  The trucks line the streets out of the way and really don't snarl traffic much.  Certainly not as much as the construction on Carrolton and South Carrolton Avenues, which I always seem to run into when I'm in a hurry.

I didn't know what the film was but I mused that I might like to see it.  I enjoyed Benjamin Button.  Reading the newspaper this afternoon over too much lunch, I found out what's shooting in town.  I think I'll take a pass when it's released.
Illustration copyright: DC Comics

Green Lantern!  I'm less than thrilled.  The movie won't be set in New Orleans, per se.  Per DC Comics penchant for fictional cities, Green Lantern is home based in Coast City, I think.  Some local landmarks will be discernible but all the names and many distinguishing features will be changed.  

Providence, RI was all aflutter a few years back when they landed a movie shot in the Ocean State's capitol.  That film: Underdog.  I didn't see that movie but I understand it was rather lackluster.  There was some kvetching by the locals that the film didn't portray the real Providence.  I predict the same will be true of Green Lantern but I doubt many people here will care to complain.  New Orleanians have other fish to fry.

Oh well.  I can always rent Benjamin Button.  While it wasn't the greatest movie, it did feature the St. Charles Ave streetcar (see my affection for it here).  It wasn't an entirely realistic portrayal though.  Thus far, I haven't seen any prostitutes in New Orleans.  I've had my suspicions but no firm evidence.  I haven't spent much time at all in the Quarter with its infamous bawdy houses either.  I'm too busy enjoying sights outdoors in other parts of New Orleans.

A word about lunch:  I ordered half a fried shrimp po'boy.  Who can eat a whole one?  Well, I know who.  I saw enough people put away a loaf of french bread overstuffed with fried shrimp, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, and tabasco.  I finished the dozen shrimp that fell out the sides and about an eight of the sandwich.  I've wrapped the remainder in plenty of newspaper after the last incident for later.  I don't know though...that's a lot of fried food.  I'll probably be happier with a salad for dinner.

Today is my last day in the Crescent City for a while.  Tomorrow I fly back to Boston for a few weeks.  I put the Little Ninja in a rented storage locker after lunch.  Farewell, faithful steed and boon companion.   I'll be back in the middle of June for good.


Anita said...

Have a safe trip and hurry back. I'm enjoying your blog.

I was biking home on Carrollton Avenue the day they were shooting the streetcar stopping at Carrollton and Oak Street. I stopped and watched the extras and the streetcar for quite a while as they filmed take after take. A truck was pulling the street car and there was another to back it up to the starting point for another take. It was really good to see in our neighborhood as the streetcar was absent after Katrina for something like two years.

Incidentally, when you return, bring an extra "l" for Carrollton Avenue.


Whalehead King said...

My spellcheck alerts me no matter how I spell it so I've started ignoring it.

I'm traveling by pedals for the next two weeks to get in shape for New Orleans where I intend to pedal quite a bit more. The Little Ninja deserves a rest.

I'll try to put up some pictures from journey this week.
Ci vidiamo, I hope.

Anita said...

Unfortunately, I sounded really snarky there; I didn't mean to and I offer a large apology. (It's far better if I don't try for humor online because I always fail and say something clumsy.)

I look forward to your trip pictures and to your happy return to our community. I hope all goes well.

Whalehead King said...

No offense taken. I appreciate the good wishes. Pictures are forthcoming, I promise, at least of the real star of this journey: The Littlest Ninja!


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