Friday, May 21, 2010

Two differences

A quick look on Google tells me that the temperature here in Boston is 60 whole degrees.  It feels like it.  The temperature in New Orleans, where I was only yesterday, is 88.  No wonder I'm wearing a sweatshirt and a fleece jacket as I sit on my Dorchester porch.  My sunburned arms are thankful for the Boston weather.  The rest of me isn't so sure.

I got to meet New Orleans' mayor at the airport yesterday.  He is a likeable enough politician.  It was his eighteenth day in office.  He is very articulate and personable, still riding a wave of goodwill.  A slender, bald man who has held higher state-wide offices, he seems well-connected and he can certainly connect to the people I saw him meet.

Quite the difference when compared to Boston's Mayor Menino, who comes across as being as articulate as Swamp Thing.  No comment on any other Menino attributes today.  I would rather wash my hands and forget I've ever seen the man in person.  Let the voters receive what the majority has requested.
Another illustration copyrighted by DC comics.  
Original composition reportedly based on sketches made in Hyde Park.


Michelle H. said...

How long do you plan to be in Boston? Is this the big moving week or is that later in the month(s)?

Whalehead King said...

See today's post. About 2 weeks and counting. Plenty of things to fill that time, most of which won't be reported here. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle.


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