Monday, January 14, 2013

Where to stay in New Orleans

La Belle Esplanade bed and breakfast
The humble narrator of this blog for many years has opened a bed and breakfast inn in New Orleans, LA with his wife of many years.  

If you are thinking about visiting New Orleans, a city like no other, consider La Belle Esplanade bed and breakfast.  It is a lovely place on a lovely street in a lovely neighborhood in the most unique city on earth.  A trip to New Orleans makes fond memories.  So does La Belle Esplanade.

We look forward to hosting you and sharing everything we know about New Orleans.

A votre sante.


Randy said...

The place looks great. Love the color scheme.

Christina said...


Sorry that this comment doesn't have much to do with the B&B (although, being from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and having been to New Orleans more times than I can count, I can say that the place looks fabulous and I'd stay there!)

I was wondering more about New London. I saw that you wrote a few books on the place if I'm not mistaken. I'm working on a travel article about New London for a French magazine (actually a magazine based in France but in English for French people learning English) and was wondering if I could send you a few questions by email about New London.

My email address is crikkieland2 'at' If you're interested in answering a few questions or if you have anything special to share about New London, I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...
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Michel Alberto said...
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