Sunday, January 31, 2010

Both ends of Dudley

I travel from the beginning to the end of Dudley Street twice every day in warm weather.  During the winter I take the T at double the time unless, on a day like last Monday, the weather is unseasonable.  Dudley Street stretches between Upham's Corner and Dudley Square, part of Dorchester and part of Roxbury, both parts of Boston proper.

You cannot think about modern Boston without thinking of Dot and Roxbury.  Do they call Roxbury Rox?  Does it have a congenial nickname?  All I know is that both neighborhoods share a common, fluid boundary and parts of one may be part of the other and vice versa and forever shall the inhabitants disagree but they will do it amicably.

The Both Ends of Dudley blog, a likeminded enterprise without our excessive doses of folderol and pugnaciousness, based in Roxbury rather than Dorchester reports on a Beehive expansion that got the kabosh.  Too bad for Centre Street.  We do have a Centre Street in Dorchester if the Tesla Group wants to regroup in Dorchester.  I don't the Centre Bar will want to relocate, but there's no need for that.  The large space formerly occupied by the Emerald Isle seems to be available.  It is just a short stroll from the Field's Corner T station.  Food for thought.


Barbara from Dorchester said...

If you believe the Dennis Lehane books, the nickname for Roxbury is
"the bury" (pronounced burry, not berry)

Whalehead King said...

I've never heard it, but it sounds reasonable. Thanks Barbara.

Iseut said...

It's kinda true. The Puritans called the place Rocksbury because of all the puddingstone here. And folks who grew up here in the latter part of the last century, grew up in "the 'bury".

And you'll have to arm-wrestle me for the new Settles joint. We want it here!

Jonas Prang said...

Actually Dudley Street begins in John Eliot Square. You'd be forgiven for not knowing that for once you head down the hill toward Washington Street, Dudley Street t-bones into a weird extension of Shawmut Avenue.

My shoes are off and my feet are up, so I won't site check it, but I'm pretty sure google has got things mislabeled.

Here is the bird's-eye view of things.

Nobody I know casually slips "the 'bury" into conversation. It's always said with a bit of self-consciousness.


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