Thursday, February 18, 2010

DOT: Dalliance on Transcendence

I could write a book about Dot Ave and do you know what I would call it?  Dot Ave.  I know, it's not very original, but 'Dot Ave' is the title bestowed on Dorchester's spine.  It's an evocative name.  Nobody says Dorchester Avenue unless they are a GPS voice.  Even strangers reflexively refer to Dot Ave after the first time they hear the shorthand moniker.

Dot = Dorchester.  Nothing could be plainer.  Even with long r's why does this compression of syllables make so much sense?  I'll tell you.  Though Dorchester is a big place with a longish name, it can be distilled into one commonly appreciated, multi-layered concept described by three letters.  D-O-T doesn't just stand for Department of Transportation.  DOT is also an acronym for Dalliance on Transcendence.

The middle of a bull's eye, the gold spot on a daisy, the halo over the stem of a lower case letter 'i'.  You can whittle away your whiles in Dorchester and be none the worse for wear.  It's a big sprawling Dot with as many smug secrets as the twin pupils in mysterious Mona Lisa's eyes.  Whatever it's not, Dorchester is Dot

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