Saturday, February 20, 2010

Major without the majorettes

Though I've seen majorettes in the Dorchester Day Parade, I don't know of any marching bands based in Dorchester.  They may be there, I'm not too savvy on the school system.  There aren't any adult marching bands that I know of....we are in Boston after all, not New Orleans.  The only parade I see on any other day but Dorchester Day is the march of commuters heading to the T station.

Some people like their lovers big and naughty.  Dorchester is certainly both.  It is Boston's biggest neighborhood and it attracts is share of notoriety.  Dorchester's Marching Band wouldn't be light skinned, though it would include Caucasian saxophone players and snares.  It would be the usual polygraph of hues found on all continents except Australia (yet...there isn't an aboriginal enclave in Dot to date) that wander to and fro between Dot Ave and Blue Hill Avenue.

Dorchester could have a marching band, and I know what it would look like, even if more melatonin would be in the real version.  Dorchester should have an ambassadorial elite that represents the neighborhood at official functions.  Destination unknown?  Poppycock!  Destination Dorchester.  Spank up the beat and get the Dot life.


Joyce said...

The Thomas J. Kenny School Marching Band in Dorchester is the only marching band in the Boston public school system. There are no adult marching bands that I know of, thought members of the Second Line Social Aid Pleasure Society Brass Band ( live on Ashmont Street. That is all.

Whalehead King said...

Great news! Thanks Joyce. Social Aid and Pleasure shouldn't be limited to New Orleans style parades. Look at the should be a Dot institution.


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