Monday, February 15, 2010

Awful Offal

There’s some Rhode Island-based punning going on in the Sizzling Empire Lucky Jade Wok Garden Menu.  The copywriter/translator who spun the descriptions obviously spent some time at Newport Creamery and couldn’t resist touch of wordplay, despite the lack of irony or even self-awareness found elsewhere in his/her work. 
Some people think the Chinese eat every part of the animal except the breath.  That’s not true.  Some choice parts are saved for their medicinal value.  As for the rest, many of those have euphemistic English names.
Chef’s Selection Number 4.  SHUI MEI AWFUL AWFUL.  Large, balanced portion of sweetbreads, chitterlings, tripe and chicken giblets tossed with oyster sauce, ginger and scallions.  Served on rice vermicelli noodles and garnished with crispy fried pork rind.  $12.35.
To accompany this meal, management recommends Appetizer A5: PORK BLOOD SOUP WITH DUMPLINGS.  $3.50.  Twenty-five cents savings when ordered with Shui Mei Awful Awful.

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