Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saint Joan of Arc - New Orleans, LA

I'm doing a lot of research on Saint Joan of Arc, who was only canonized in 1920.  She died in 1421.  While I don't necessarily care for the music in the video above, there are probably 60 or 80 images of Joan of Arc featured, for anyone who is interested in such things.  The music isn't bad, and, since it is in French, we are spared the meanings of the words.

Saint Joan of Arc hasn't seemed to have as much impact in New Orleans as I assumed.  Most of my research turns up links about the statue at the head of the French Market.  The Saint Joan of Arc Progressive Catholic Church is located on Eleanore Street, not to be confused with the Roman Catholic. It's kind of interesting and I think I'll visit, just to see what it is about.

Of course, the Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc opens the Carnival season on January 6.  I'm thinking of joining this year.
They dress in medieval garb when they march, and I'm not sure if I want to invest in that kind of gear.  They do have intentions I agree with, however, and I like their style.  If I'm going to march in a Mardi Gras parade, rather than ride a float, I think this krewe and I would be a nice fit.


Anita said...

I can imagine you in that krewe. It's suitably noble, I think, and committing to the art of costuming is a rite of passage.

There is also the St. Joan of Arc church and elementary school on Cambronne at Burthe in Riverbend.

Tadaima said...

I was looking for images of Joan since I want to draw something inspired on her, thanks. For the record, the music in the video isn't french but spanish... and it has nothing to do with this subject (it tells the story about a gypsy woman and the son of the moon)

Whalehead King said...

Thanks for the translation Tadaima. -WK


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