Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Supermarket Specials

A lot goes on in downtown New London when Whalehead King is usually at work. Though technically a man of leisure, he does do actual paid work in the mornings. Today, after spending too late a night at the New Haven Invasion, Mr. King took the day off and ran errands and ran into people he doesn't usually see at times he doesn't usually see them.

He shared a pot of tea with a lovely friend, who tried to teach him about the computer, a machine our hero still loathes. There is no doubt, his friend found Whalehead King exasperating. They had a nice afternoon in the end though, because despite his many quirks, Mr. King can be very good company and a very good host when he chooses to be. It is easy to be good company to a good friend.

Beets are on sale at C-Town. Unlike most of the produce there, these are some beautiful beets, if you are partial to them. Mr. King purchased a bunch of three firm fresh beets for dinner. He also went to ShopRite where the leeks were as beautiful as the beets at C-Town and equally inexpensive. Well, the leeks beat the beets in the stewpot tonight. When Mr. King's guest came into the house she said it smelled wonderful. He would have offered her some, but she doesn't eat seafood and this is an alliterative stew. Leek and Lobster.

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