Monday, March 26, 2007

New Haven Invasion Tonight!!

Three New London writers are going out on reconnaisance tonight to the Elm City, home to Yale Univeristy and Cafe Nine. There is an open microphone night and your fearless New London writers are going to play in the big kids' sandbox. The event starts at 10:00PM, big city time when most New Londoners are snug in their beds resting up to accomplish important things in their own little city. Pity these New Londoners, sophisticated as they may be, that they have to stay awake so late. They are sure to be punchy and spunky at this late Monday night hour. Perhaps New Haven writers don't have day jobs.

David Spinelli, the Berlin Pilgrim who has made his home in New London, Davana the Coral Queen, and Whalehead King himself are embarking from the Whaling City at 8:30 to travel Interstate 95 in a straight line on a mission to the cultural capitol of the Nutmeg State. New Haveners beware. The New London School of Poets is about to invade your turf and we are not replacing the divots when we are done. We are going to clean the wax out of your ears. We are going to rattle the tiny bones in your middle ears. We are going to clear your eustachian tubes. We are going to show how it is done in a city where poetry is the meat that prevents our anemia and the mead that keeps us eloquent.

Get ready New Haveners going to Cafe Nine tonight. You are going to be bothered, bewitched and bewildered by writers outside your frame of reference. We intend to bowl you over like duck pins. We will speak proudly and loudly. It is hard to be humble when you are from New London, Conn.

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