Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Things are not what they seem

In a city where nothing is as it appears, you never know what you will find. Be careful where you look and when you see something you shouldn't, avert your gaze. Sometimes two plus two equals a conga line in New London. They teach this in the fourth grade at Edgerton school.

What look like abandoned buildings on Bank Street are really pleasure palaces behind the boarded up windows on the third stories. Bachannals take place every night with no one suspecting. New London is home to some saucy and naughty entertainment for those who know where to find it. New London's secret floorshows are secret because this city was founded by Puritans and home to the first American Episicopalian diocese. It has a reputation for morality.  It has a reputation as pure and undriven as the unplowed streets in December.

Seek and you will find. This is a city of pleasure-seekers and lovers of the flesh. Scratch a New Londoner and you will find a hedonist under his or her facade. As the nights wear on, New Londoners live on little sleep and plenty of exercise. They are busy chasing their dreams and distractions. They are enjoying the pleasures offered to their senses.

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