Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Poor Man's Special - New Orleans

New Orleans is full of meat markets.  To this New Englander, the people of New Orleans seem to eat a lot of meat... a lot.  Many of these unimposing shops sell package deals of vast quantities of meat by the carton for a reasonable price.

The Orleans Center Food Mart (2707 Orleans Street at the corner of North Broad) tucked a flyer in my door the other day.  Of all the items advertised, only three of them were not meat.  They were: Mama's Chinese Noodles for $8.99 a case, a six pack of Busch beer for $4.99, and a twelve pack of Coke or Pepsi for $3.99.   Everything else featured on the flyer's four pages was flesh of some kind, the interior two dedicated to package deals.  Here's a sample:

Poor Man's Special: $69.99
5 lb smoked sausage
5 lb pig tails
5 lb ground meat
5 lb chicken wings
5 lb pickle tips (this seems to be pig's feet)
5 lb leg quarters (I assume chicken)
5 lb pork chops
1 free case of soda.

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