Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blue lobster caught

Wasn't I just talking about blue lobsters the other day?   It turns out one has been captured in the historic fishing port of Gloucester, Mass. (great slide show!)  It is a thing of unparalleled beauty.  No word yet from the staff what will become of this majestic creature.

If you're interested, Good Morning Gloucester is a very nice site full of stunning pictures of this lovely, if oft under rated city.  Though I don't have any ties to Gloucester beyond a love of the sea, I check in regularly.  I recommend it.
While I'm in the mood to link to other sites, you may enjoy the Unbearable Sadness of Vegetables.  It's part of this site which eventually become not just one book but two.  I read the first one and enjoyed it.  I noticed that it's available in the New Orleans Public Library's main branch.  The first page of the vegetables link above cites my favorite painter.  Caspar David Friedrich can't be mentioned enough as far as I'm concerned.

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