Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mutant crawfish

Where I come from they call crawfish, crayfish.  No body's ever seen one, but we hear about them.  Where I come from, we've got lobsters.  Big ones.  Cheap.  Fresh off the dock.  A three-clawed mutant was just caught off the coast of Gloucester.  Good morning, Gloucester.

For those who don't know, Gloucester is pronounced "Glowstah."  The 'ow' is like you hit your thumb, not like 'glow.'  If you happen to be looking at a map of Massachusetts, the second largest city in New England, Worchester, is pronounced "Woostah."

When an oversized lobster is caught, say a ten pounder, it can make the news.  These are either tossed back after ample pictures have been taken or they are put in a tank at some lucky restaurant to live out their days as a tourist attraction, usually with a nickname like "Mr. Big" or "Lucky."  No one will ever accuse New Englanders of being imaginative.  Lobsters never stop growing so Colonial era reports of a six foot lobster may not be exaggerated.  I haven't read that crawfish ever stop growing.  I don't know if one has ever gotten a chance.

Another kind of lobster guaranteed to make the news is the famous blue lobster.  These are a rare mutation, along the lines of albinism.  They are still good eating though people rarely eat them.  Again, they get put in a tank as conversation pieces, sometimes in restaurants but more usually in aquariums.  I have yet to hear of a blue crawfish.  It might happen.  There's no reason to think otherwise.

Blue lobsters, and presumably blue crawfish, turn red when boiled.  I suppose if there are a blue crawfish the same thing would happen, I wouldn't know.  I have yet to boil one myself.  I buy them pre-cooked and pre-seasoned.  They are always red.

Of course, there is one blue thing I encounter every day, my Little Blue Ninja.  Today's photo of that most beautiful bike was taken in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  You can see them in the distance.  Breathtaking country; some would say it's God's country.  I remember when sport bikes came out and people said they looked like insects.  No one ever accused them of looking like crawfish.

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