Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catholic Sunday

Every Sunday at 9:30 AM, St Patrick's Church holds a mass in Latin.  The church is at 724 Camp Street in the Central Business District if anyone is interested in attending.  I wouldn't normally recommend religious sight seeing but the church is a registered historic landmark and the interior is beautiful.

In a mood to experience more things Catholic in this most Catholic of cities, we visited the Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos shrine on 919 Josephine Street.  Besides the remains of Father Seelos in a reliquary, there are a number of saints' relics on display and an interesting history of this beatified Redemptorist known as the "Cheerful Ascetic."

The Seelos Shrine shares space in Saint Mary's Assumption Church, technically at 2030 Constance Street.  We thought St. Patricks was beautiful but the architects of St. Mary's Assumption pulled out all the stops.  It is an awe-inspiring space of multiple dimensions with statuary everywhere.  I'm not up on my hagiography, so there were more saints present than I could identify.  Magnificent.

Illustration courtesy of the Seelos Shrine.

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