Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sing along with Dot

Sing along with every dandy, bloke, schoolmarm, spinster, cripple, thug, harlot, tyke and babe that calls Dorchester home!  You know the tune...

Dorchester Man!
Dorchester Man!
Does what no other Bostonian can!
Is he strong?  Listen Bud,
He's got puddingstone in his blood!
Hey there!
Look out for the Dorchester Man!

Can he afford a loaf of bread?
Take a look overhead:
Wherever there's a tightrope,
He always speaks the right trope,
He always walks a fine line
Always just at the right time,
That makes him the Dorchester Man!

In the gloom of night,
At the scene of a crime,
At the speed of a stop light,
He arrives just in time
(to stop one not to commit one)!

Dorchester Man!
Dorchester Man!
Does what no Allston habitue can!
High degrees, he's ignored
Community is his reward!

He finds his thrills on the sidewalk!
He appreciates some straight talk!
He doesn't have any hang-ups,
He's had his share of bang-ups,
Wherever there's a tight spot,
He knows there's a home in the big Dot,
That's why they call him the Dorchester Man!

I did a pastiche on the same theme just seven months ago.  I don't mind returning to the same material to polish it up though.  This version is different and I think much better.  You decide.

Viva  Dot.


Michelle H. said...

Strange. If I didn't know better, I would say that tune reminds me of "Particle Man" by "They Might Be Giants." Perhaps make a trio with those words...

Whalehead King said...

Dorchesterites just might be giants. Giant in spirit.


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