Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I don't follow the mayor

I don't follow Thomas M. Menino on twitter but he follows me.  Today, I asked him to cease and desist.  I doubt the Urban Mechanic himself checks in to see what quip I have to say about Dorchester on a semi-daily basis but it bothers me that some lackey is getting paid to monitor his twitter account and report back during a daily meeting.  I'd rather my tax dollars go toward keeping library branches open.

I don't hate Mayor Menino, but to say I love him would be a gross overstatement, as gross as blubbery lips, ham hands, a thick tongue, cross-eyed myopia, a bleached rollie-pollie belly as big as a sow's in a political cartoon.  I don't disagree with Mayor Menino though I'm obviously not looking for a patronage job.  I think he is a fine public servant.  I think he's a decent mayor.  While I think Boston can do better, I also think it could do much, much worse in the chief executive department.  To say Menino doesn't inspire me is an understatement and I find this to be relatively true among the people I talk to.  Menino doesn't depress me either.  He makes me shrug, "Meh!  It could be worse."  Not high praise, but hardly damnation.

The less I see of the mayor's mug, the better.  I don't want him following me on twitter or on the street.  I don't go out of my way to bump into him and there's a reason for that.  I hear his handshake is clammy and that he spits when he talks.  That's reason enough for me to avoid civic ribbon cuttings.

Wanna see him for yourself?  Here: click this.


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