Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wiki Dot

Wikipedia, which is always in a state of flux, has an updated Dorchester page which seems to be the best version yet.

Any information found in Wikipedia about Dorchester is about as reliable as what you'll find here, which is to say 24-carat reliable if you cotton to a certain viewpoint.  That said, I found this latest edition accurate and well balanced without too much stress on any one facet.  I liked how Dorchester was broken out like a country with it's economy, transportation, education mapped out and described.

I don't feel a need to look up Dorchester on Wikipedia very often but I found the need today.  Naturally, what I wanted to check has disappeared, but this latest version is pretty impressive.  Check it out while you can.  The next time you need to, it will totally different again.  Much like Dorchester when you're not watching.

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