Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fresh turkey, expertly dressed

The Dorchester Market is more popularly known as Gene & Paul's Fresh Meats. Apparently, someone in the 1970's (Gene and Paul, perhaps?) thought the store's name needed an update and the 7-Up company was happy to subsidize the bill for a new sign. The offical name, Dorchester Market, is still prominently displayed on the Dot Ave side of the building, printed on corrugated vinyl and power stapled to the wall.

The building seems to have been built circa 1870, which was a boom time for Dorchester real estate. This is described in the wonderful book "Streetcar Suburbs," a detailed account of Boston's expansive development before the turn of the last century.

The market brags of being Dorchester's first butcher shop. It is your usual neighborhood grocery, with a small fresh produce section, a few cramped, but well-stocked, aisles of canned goods and prepared foods, and a small freezer section. What separates Dorchester Market from the rest is, as the neon sign hints, the butcher counter in the back overflowing with fresh cuts of meat. Men sporting blood-stained aprons are happy to take your order and happy to prepare
your meat as you desire.

The butchers are currently taking orders for dressed turkeys for the holidays. They are also taking orders for roast beefs, hams, lambs and ducks as well. Given forwarning, they may be able to locate a Christmas goose. 617-282-6609.


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I like the name now used!!

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Just to be clear, the commments removed were spam advertising Air Jordans that have nothing to do with Dorchester. All legitimate comments from real people, no matter their content will remain as written. WK


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