Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let the good times pour

Time got away from me this afternoon so there aren't enough minutes left for me to report today's adventures.  I've got to spruce myself for Dorchester's favorite Saturday night pastime.

That's right.  Saturday is the liveliest night of the week.  The root beer will be flowing while no roots are showing.  That's the Dorchester way.

So tomorrow, instead of reporting on today's adventures, maybe tonight's will prove more interesting...if I can remember.

Anyone coming to Dorchester tonight should remember though, Dot hates a sloppy drunk and don't drink and drive.  Take the T, that way you'll be forced to get home at a decent hour.


Thanks to the Funky Junk Trunk for today's swipe art.  It came from a photo album found in a closet in Upham's Corner.  The picture is dated June 2002 on the back.

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