Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love Jujyfruits

Nothing much happened in Dorchester today, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise.  Nothing much happened that I have to report, which should come as more of a surprise since I can blather on about nothing day in and day out for at least three good, meandering paragraphs.

Fear not, regular reader, I give you todays contents of the Jujy Dreams blog that you should be reading if you don't already.  The archives aren't very deep yet but I expect that a year or so from now you'll be able to learn more about Jujyfruits than you would ever want to normally.

And so:

I admit I don't have a sweet tooth yet, for whatever reason, I have chosen Jujyfruits as an inspiration.  While I don't have a sweet tooth, I have tasted candy.  I wouldn't normally buy it but I've developed my preferences.  I live with someone who loves chocolate but I would be content if I never had another bite of chocolate again.  I prefer harder, more sugar and talc based candies: Sweet Tarts, Shock Tarts, Gobstoppers, even Good 'n' Plenty.  I'm not a big fan of gummy candy and even though Jujyfruits predate Gummi Bears by a half century, they both fall in the same class of candy.  As for the gummy sharks, the gummy worms, the yogurt based gummy candy and the gummy raspberries et. al., you can keep them.  Jujyfruits were first.  

Though gummy candy isn't my favorite, it is slowly turning out that I love Jujyfruits.  I am not paid by Farley's and Sathers to say this and, in fact, I have some misgivings about how the company conducts it business and markets its candy.  If I am not a friend of the owners of the Jujyfruit brand, I am a lover of the Jujyfruit recipe.  

Jujyfruits grow on your tastes.  We have a box in our house that contains mixed candies.  Sometimes we'll want a little sweet after a meal or at tea time so we'll bring out the box and indulge our appetite.  For the past few months, the box has been stocked with jujyfruits left over from my investigations among other things which don't involve me but run the gamut of the candy spectrum.  We noticed last night that the jujyfruits are the things we pick out of the mix and when the box was given a shakeout census, jujyfruits are the least common items on the top layer of the box and the most common at the if they settle if neglected too long.  Or, perhaps our jujy-hunger has grown the longer they've been available.

Another sociological Jujy thought experiment.  Before I begin this soul searching though, I would like to state for the record that I love Jujyfruits.  Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, and even Green.

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