Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sport life

Somedays you wish you were somewhere else, especially after a few days of Dorchester-strength rain.  It isn't even April yet.  These March showers have prompted some flowers to blooming, the rain and the mild weather for this time of year.

So what does today's illustration have to do with Dorchester?  Not much that I can figure except for the magazine's title and the second feature story.  Death is all around us, even in Spring.  If you keep up with  the local media you know quite a bit of crime has been committed hereabouts recently and not the usual victimless crimes either.  If any more bodies get found in basements, Dorchester's reputation may take a turn for the worse.  It was mildly horrifying/intriguing when the dog fight arena was discovered a few blocks from my house.  When dead men are found decomposing in the cellar, its not as humorous as in Arsenic and Old Lace.  

This isn't to say that Dot isn't home to its share of dotty aunts and eccentric uncles, its just that the killing going on doesn't involve poisoned tea.  Today's capital crimes are committed using bullets and knives.  C'mon criminals!  You're dealing with people not rampaging elephants! 

Thanks to Pulp o' the Day.

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