Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I alluded yesterday to the fact that a lot of crime has been going on in Dot recently.  Allow me to recap via the headlines at Universal Hub over the past two days.  We have...

Something unpleasant discovered at Uphams Corner yesterday morning.

Of course Dot was represented in this 14 minute crime wave.

While no deaths occurred, someone lost a fingertip at Florian Hall.

Brawling at Ups and Downs.  Couldn't they have taken their disagreements to Quincy?

An armed holdup at the Happy Superette of all places!

A party house where the parties turn grisly.  Don't accept an invitation here.

This is the Dot news culled from just two days.  While this unpleasantness should be reported, can't someone provide some positive spin to what's going on in Boston's biggest neighborhood.  Dottie Hottie?  Social Butterfly? Help!

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DottieHottie said...

Dottie Hottie is accustomed to a corollary between rising temps and rising reports of crime in fair Dot. It's just what happens. The heat. It gets to people. They go ape. However, I think the Dorchester Reporter is doing a great job highlighting the many efforts by neighbors to do good in Boston's biggest 'hood. Haitian relief, rallying for libraries, raising funds for the Dot Day parade...and just think of all the Dotties who will be running the race of the crazypants on Patriot's Day to generate funds for charity. It's not all good, but there is good when you choose not to believe the hype. Will do my part to shift the headlines toward the positive....Thanks, WK.


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