Thursday, March 04, 2010

Long stations for short trolleys

I wonder why the Green Line stations along Huntington Avenue are so long?  Was there really a time when three- and four-car trolleys plied between Lechmere and Forest Hills?  The underground stations have as much length so this systemic design must be for a reason.

The Red and Orange Line platforms are a perfect fit for their trains.  I haven't been on the Blue for awhile, but I assume they are likewise.  If I recall, Aquarium is very long, but they just bought some new Blue Line trains so the new models may fit now.

A two-car train is slow going down Huntington and South Huntington Streets as it is.  I can only imagine the effects on traffic of a four-car model going through Jamaica Plain.  Not that it wouldn't be good.  I'd visit JP more often.

Thanks to Dr. Hermes for today's illustration.


Jonas Prang said...

I think regular revenue service-three-car Green Line trains ended a long time ago. I remember seeing the graffito "TKM RIP" (TKM for three-car-man) inside Green Line cars just prior to the last run.

I'm certainly no railfan, but it seems to me that with the modern, longer, articulated cars, a three-car consist is probably too long for some underground stations.

Googling 'three car train green line' yields this discussion.

Whalehead King said...

It would never occur to me to google this. I'm such a dinosaur. Thanks Mr. Prang.


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