Tuesday, March 02, 2010

There's a new cab in town

Hacks looking for a new garage take note.  Dorchester Independent Taxi Cab of Boston is a start up that should soon be looking for drivers as well as fares.  The company has just got its web site up and running.  They may be looking for some copy writers too.  The site looks professional enough: dorchestertaxi.com and a picture of a cab on a black background.  No information yet except for the phone number: 617 ('natch) 825-1111.  It mustn't be too much of a shoestring operation if they sprung for a final four digits any drunk can remember.

I don't take cabs in Boston on principle.  It irks me to no end that public transportation shuts down before the bars.  If a venue isn't convenient by foot or bicycle back to my home, I leave before midnight.  It's little wonder that winter gives me cabin fever, but a man has to be true to what he believes in.

With my interest in all things Dot, I want to point out we have a local company in our midst we may want to support over all other rivals.  As someone who doesn't begrudge cabbies' wee hour of the morning monopoly, I wouldn't mind getting a hack license myself if I didn't have to work during the day.  My beef is with the MBTA, not the people who fill the void the T leaves after hours.

I haven't called 617-825-1111 to find out for myself what going on at Dorchester Cab.  I leave that up to you.  If you need a cab, give them a call.  Let me know what you find out.


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