Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Globe short sheets the funnies!

Maybe the editor at 'g' was conducting an experiment today.  Maybe this has been going on for a while and I haven't noticed because I haven't been reading Boston's paper of record on consecutive days recently.

I look forward to reading the comics section in the morning.  The Globe doesn't feature state of the art comics, but I suppose they are trying for 'relevant' strips.  Its a better selection than the Herald, in my opinion.

I bought the paper yesterday and the comics were printed in black and white.  This always makes me happy because 1) I am a purist and 2) the colors aren't always printed within the lines.  Anyone who has looked at the photos in the Globe's paper edition knows what I mean.  So, while the comics weren't that great, I read them in traditional black and white without eye strain.  They didn't make me chuckle and nothing stood out to make me marvel at the draftsmanship.

I bought the paper today and saw that the illustration for Red and Rover was the same as what I remembered from yesterday.  "He can't be milking this gag for a week," I thought, "It's not that good even by this strip's standards."  Then I looked at Zits.  Same gag.  In fact, all the strips were familiar.  The only difference between yesterday's comics and today's is that today was printed in color!  At least the colors were within the lines.

So, if this is an experiment...Mr. Boffo is not any more hilarious in color.  For Better or For Worse, is not cuter in color.  Spiderman is not more exciting in color.  Dilbert is not more insightful in color.  Doonesbury is no more droll in color than it is in black and white.  They are all just as good, or lack thereof, in either format.

With that settled, I'm looking forward to some fresh material on the comics pages tomorrow.


Jeff C said...

Why do you waste your money on that rag?

Coast said...

As the editor for "g," I can confirm that in fact we were not running an experiment (our experiments typically involve making volcanoes erupt with baking soda and vinegar). Alas, we goofed. It's all right here, if you scroll down just a little bit, on the right side:

Doug Most

Whalehead King said...

Thank you Mr. Most.


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