Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Worms in the snow

It wasn't too cold but there was still snow on the ground yesterday as I was walking homeways down Tuttle Street.  Passing one house I noticed what appeared to be an unopened bag of sour gummi worms poking out of a snow pile.  It was the worms' neon colors that caught my eye.

I picked up the bag to verify that it was unopened.  I wasn't going to take them, I was just curious why they were there.  As I did so, a voice said, "Hey! Put that down!"  It was a child's voice, very commanding, but I was alone on the street.  Leprechaun?

"Put it down!" the voice repeated and I noticed it came from a window facing me that was cracked open.  The curtains were drawn.  "I was just looking," I told the window, "Why are these worms in the snow?"  The voice said, "I'm chilling them.  They're better that way."

I asked, "Don't you have a refrigerator?" and as I did the front door opened.  A woman glared at me while holding a broom with the business end held high, in swat position.  "Put the candy down and back away, Mister," she said.  I held up my hands and did as I was told.

"You just head on your way.  There's nothing for you here."  As I walked down the street I turned my head.  The lady of the house was standing in the snow where I had been and she was holding up the bag of candy.  "It's okay, Franklin," she said while facing the window, "He didn't hurt anything and I think these are just about right now."

Sheesh!  This was one of my kookiest encounters, even by the usual Dot standards.  Life goes on.


Suldog said...

Funny story. Discretion was definitely the better part of valor in this instance. No use getting swatted by a madwoman wielding a broom :-)

(My word verification is "whoobili". Somehow, it fits.)

Rachel said...

I also live in Dorchester and I also like my gummies chilled. But I put them in my glove compartment. This is a safe place and has the added benefit of being out-of-sight/out-of-mind so you're overjoyed when you find them a week later. In other news, someone in my building is curing bacon...on my back porch. I can see it out my window. ??

Whalehead King said...

Suldog, I hate to be on the receiving end of a swat. I'm sure you've never been in that situation.

Rachel, You never know what you'll see around these parts, do you? It keeps things interesting.


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