Wednesday, January 20, 2010

C'est le Point!

If the neighborhood of Dorchester were a tobacco, it would be this: flavorful enough to average a three and three quarter star review out of four possible.  40 pipe smokers consider Dorchester, the tobacco, a memorable smoke.  Their opinions are as wide ranging as those about Dorchester, the neighborhood, but when you cut through all the niche-hobby jargon and pretension, they arrive to similar conclusions about the tobacco as how non-smokers feel about Boston's biggest jurisdiction:  Memorable.  Robust.  Full-bodied.  Easy to take in daily doses.  

Why would someone name their proprietary blend of pipe tobacco Dorchester?  The more pertinent question is why don't more designers in every field co-opt and glom onto the Dot brand? "Ooo-la-la! C'est le Point!" as they say in Paris.

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