Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why servicemen love Dorchester

Supporting the troops is a Dorchester tradition that goes back to the French and Indian War.  Dotted with American Legion, AmVets, and VFW posts, Dorchester is an oasis for those who serve in the armed forces.  In a neighborhood full of people who fight for right, those who employ disciplined, strategic violence to further the national interest are respected and admired.

A soldier, a sailor and a marine were out for a little R&R in Dorchester, with special emphasis on the second R.  It was a Sunday, so they went to the First Parish Church on Meeting House Hill for the 11:00 service.  Afterwards they walked down Hancock Street, down Pleasant Street and one block down Savin Hill Avenue.  A quick right on Dot Ave brought them to Shanti, Taste of India, where they enjoyed the seven-day lunch buffet; all you can eat for $7.99.  Some restaurants only offer lunch specials on weekdays.  Not Shanti.  That's not the Dorchester way.  Lunch is lunch and a deal is a deal and never shall the two be torn asunder.  This is one reason why service people like to visit Dorchester on liberty.

With both spiritual and metabolic needs met, these three compatriots were ready round out the experience with a bit of fun in order to call the day complete.  A short down Savin Hill Avenue took them to the Red Line and the Red Line took them to Ashmont Station.  At Ashmont they transferred to the Mattapan High Speed.  Careening between Peabody Square and Mattapan Square was a thrill ride like no other.  The three companions mugged for the cameras as they asked fellow passengers to take snapshots of them enjoying their day away from the cares and stress of active duty.

The day ended at 224 Boston Street, in Dorchester's Polish Triangle.  They enjoyed a contemporary American menu and drinks were on the house in appreciation for volunteer service given to protect democracy and the American way of life.  As one patron weepily said as he bought the servicemen a round, "If it weren't for guys like you, I wouldn't be able to have this whiskey sour tonight.  I'd be drinking a vodka sour served by some Commie bastard in league with Putin."

Perhaps.  One thing is for sure.  Dorchester appreciates the men and women who serve in our armed forces.  Those men and women in uniform return that appreciation.

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