Friday, January 22, 2010

Menino Dusk

A fifth term of Menino.  How's it feel?  Pretty much like the fourth, if you ask me.  It isn't the twilight of the reign yet, but if term number five ends like it began, this is going to one long whimper with no bang.

I'm not suggesting Flaherty would have been better.  I'm not suggesting Yoon would have been better, though he would have been different.  As for the Floon combo, while peanut butter does taste good with chocolate, opposites don't always attract.  Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson made a more attractive duo...  It would have been more interesting than today though.

Are the times a'changing?  Not in my neighborhood.  How about yours?  Any Menino staffers care to post the party line in the comments?  I don't see signs of a new age dawning over Boston.

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