Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Your post election meal

Foul weather has done a number on the sale signs in the front window of Brothers II Supermarket on Dudley Street, Upham's Corner.  The store's interior is none the worse for wear, but only two posters are left hanging in one piece in the window.

So, carnivores rejoice!  Brothers II has your protein covered no matter which senatorial candidate you vote for.  Red meat Republican?  Fresh shoulder London broil is $1.99 a pound?  What better way to cement your arteries and your solidarity with Scott Brown?  Prefer the other white meat and a public option?  Brothers II has you covered with FRESH MEATY PORK CHOPS at $1.69 a pound.  That's the kind of meal a Martha Coakley supporter would be proud to put in his pie hole.

Offer good while supplies last.  I asked one of the cashiers if the sale was electorally themed.  She answered, "Isn't it too early for Obama to run again?"

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