Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three items of interest

Firstly: Our mailbox contained a letter today from the Executive Director of the Boston Collegiate Charter School. It seems the school has purchased the building at 215 Sydney Street to refurbish it. The plans are to hold classes at this address, after construction is complete, for students in the 5th and 6th grades. Ms. Sullivan, the director, apologizes in advance for any inconvenience and expresses the wish to work with neighborhood residents to minimize trouble the project may cause. The board of trustees operates a middle and high school on Mayhew Street in Dorchester and people of the Sydney Street neighborhood are welcome to contact her with any concerns or to arrange a tour of the Mayhew Street campus to learn of the school's mission and operation. She can be reached at 617-265-1172.

Secondly: Brothers Supermarket II is scheduled to open its doors on Dudley Street, just west of Uphams Corner, on Friday, if one can believe the soap on the front doors. This building has been undergoing renovations for some time and it is nice to finally be able to see inside. The whole affair is remarkably spiffy. There is fresh, unscuffed paint everywhere and the aisles are nicely spaced to allow for maximum traffic flow and minimal reaching around fellow shoppers. The shelves are already fully stocked but there are a few details to attend to before the grand opening date arrives. The original Brothers Supermarket is located on Washington Street, but the digs on Dudley promise to be more modern with more elbow room for who live in the immediate area.

Thirdly: Whalehead King is happy to write for money. It is his preferred means of exchange since a dollar goes far in Dorchester and he wouldn't mind a few extra bills in his pocket. That said, he does not endorse specific businesses for cash payment. If any of our regular readers are business owners, they are welcome to contact the proprietor of this site to schedule a visit and possible mention here. This has not happened yet, but we are happy to entertain the possibility, always looking for fresh material. It would save a lot of legwork and confabulation.

Rather than cash on the barrel head for what may be an endorsement of questionable value, Mr. King requests perquisites instead: 20% off his bill for a month from a dry cleaner, for instance, or a pint on the house the next time he steps up to the bar. Regular readers know we tend to accentuate the positives we encounter and downplay the negatives. In fact, we tend not to see any negatives at all, being happy to be out and about, enjoying our surroundings for all they are worth. You cannot put a price tag on happiness and Whalehead King, your humble narrator, is reasonably content reporting things as he finds them. They are overall good.

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