Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mattapan haberdashery

The other day we commented that we hoped Porta Classica, the haberdashery in Mattapan Square wasn't going out of business. We visited again today, during normal business hours and discovered this is far from the case. Located at 1625 Blue Hill Avenue, just to the north of Mattapan Square, this men's clothier is crowded with gentlemen taking advantage of the current, store-wide 30% off sale.

This shop isn't as expansive as their formerly concurrent digs in Downtown Crossing but it is just as well stocked with things that make a man look and feel good. There are power suits and suits that are even more flashy for special occasions beyond the workaday routine. The suits are in all colors of the rainbow, from Easter egg-inspired hues to sober pinstripes. There are seven button jackets matched with six-button vests, and there are also single-button jackets cut with double-breasted lapels. The shoe collection is fancier and more daring than anything found on Newbury Street. There are shirts and ties of every color and shade and pattern. There are cuff links, tie pins, tie bars, collar bars, and tie chains. Some of it is gaudy and some is understated. This is a haberdasher that seeks to meet all needs. There is a tasteful collection of fine hats and woolen overcoats on offer.

The staff is professional, putting the customers' needs first and no one is unattended as the salespeople cater to everyone's assembled needs. There is an on site tailor for alterations, though she admits she cannot guarantee 24 hour turnaround. After a few days, at most, your outfit will be fitted to your proportions and you can stride into any boardroom or barroom confident you will be the best-dressed, bespoke man in the room.

Mattapan, as we all know, doesn't have the best reputation. Porta Classica, the "classical door" to style and sophistication, is the exception to these perceptions. You can spend a bundle of cash downtown getting yourself equipped for a business lunch with important clients or you can take the trolley to Mattapan to look better than the bunch on a sandwich board budget. Smart people shop Mattapan.

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