Monday, February 09, 2009

Dot wellness

Dorchester, Boston's biggest neighborhood, is composed of a melange of many, many smaller neighborhoods and sub-jurisdictions. All of them contain their delights and all serve their purpose. Some are self-contained, miniature metropoli where few visit and few leave. Others are a nexus for the wider city of which they are a part. Fields Corner, served as it is by the Red Line, is one of those places in Dorchester that are cosmopolitan.

Cultures don't clash in Fields Corner, they mingle, shake hands, say, "How do you do?" and support each other. The Dorchester House Multi Service Center located at 1353 Dot Ave serves a wide-ranging constituency with medical and social needs. This modern, up-to-date building is clean and efficient. It is home to community rooms, exam rooms, an in-house blood laboratory, physical therapists, mental health counsellors, a semi-public swimming pool, an optical shop, and a striking, glazed ceramic tile mural depicting this part of the Dot from a bird's eye vantage.

The Dorchester House is a five minute stroll from the Fields Corner T station, heading north up Dot Ave. Take the Charles Street exit out of the station to shave half a minute off your walk. En route, you will pass many small shops bustling with small business that cater to every need.

Anyone looking for firewood is directed to the triangular park where Adams Street intersects with Dot Ave. We noticed today that there are several lengths of 2x4 sawed to stove length scattered in front of the stone that commemorates Boston veterans. They may be left over from the X-mas tree that stood vigil on this spot during the holidays. By our estimation there are three days worth of kindling available if one burns them in a fireplace, maybe five days worth with an efficient wood burning stove.

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