Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mattapan morning

One thing about the melting snow: it's uncovered all the trash in Mattapan Square. The sidewalks are filthy with sand piles and salt stains, and also with food wrappers. They are everywhere. Forlorn confetti from a parade that never came, the wind blows constellations of scrap paper everywhere. It isn't the kind of sight that attracts tourists, but how many out-of-towners get this far down Blue Hill Avenue?

Brothers Deli and Restuarant at 1638 Blue Hill Ave. was bustling, as usual. I passed by around 11:00 on a Sunday so most people were eating a late breakfast. They serve breakfast all day, of course. The $10 Dollar Store across the street is going out of business. Everything is marked down 50%. Next door at 1625, Porta Classica, the haberdashery, is offering a 30% off sale and offering a second suit at half price when you buy the first one. It isn't clear if the additional 30% applies to both. I lingered and admired some shoes and three-piece suits but the shop isn't open on Sundays. I took note that they re open until 6:30 PM on weekdays. There is no indication they are going out of business though they did close their Downtown Crossing location this summer.

One of the storefronts was covered with fluttering scabs of what appeared to be lichen. In fact, it was a scotch tape and flimsy business card display from Cesar's Movers. Though the cards show an image of Boston's High Spine, I doubt Cesar's is doing a lot of moving from the Prudential Center or the Hancock Building. They promise to remove all trash. They clean out yards. "Qualite [sic] service. Expert Packing. Incredible rates. Local and long distance. Big and small jobs. Free estimates." They can be contacted at 617-331-3509. "7 day service."

The congregations of Mattapan's churches attended services today. Men wore dark suits and women wore fanciful hats.

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