Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bundle up the babies

The Stitch House in Dorchester has announced a recent shipment of 'baby-friendly' yarn and patterns to knit your little darlings a suitably sized sweater. The proprietors are so sure of the quality of the yarn, the fashion sense of the patterns, and the imaginative skills of their patrons that they are holding a contest for the best baby sweater in Boston. Entries will be displayed on the premises and voted on throughout the month of March.

The Dorchester Stitch House has been open a little over a year at 846 Dot Ave, near the corner of Mount Vernon Street, between the Avenue Gill and and the Dot Tavern. It is across Dot Ave from the Sugar Bowl and The New Store on the Block. If you don't drive, take the Red Line to JFK/UMASS and head towards Dot Ave. Then take a right. You'll see it. It is a mecca for those who wield knitting needles.

Ladies who like to knit while watching the television know there is a ready supply of raw materials and a chance at fame at the Stitch House. Real men know how to darn their socks, and the most independent of them know how to make their own and their own mittens, mufflers, and pullovers too. The Stitch House has yarn for every need.

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