Monday, October 20, 2008

Mojo in the dojo

Besides HQ off Codman Square and the satellite office in Kane Square, the Peppermint Squad maintains a dojo off Neponset Circle. Johnny Cake and Little Buddy were there all day Sunday practicing the finer points of scoot-jitsu. Johnny Cake is the leader of the Squad's combat battalion. He rides a yellow, Honda Big Ruckus with a license plate that reads BTLWGN.

Little Buddy rides a Genuine Scooter Company Buddy, kitted out with an illegal muffler to provide extra speed. It is the Peppermint Squad's official combat bike though the Big Ruckus is the official battle wagon that is deployed to lead a charge. The Buddy is equipped not only with an oversized muffler but with a number of fighting tools that make it essential for agressive operations. Among the Buddy's accoutrements are a cache of ball bearings attached to a quick-release switch, a smoke screen powered by a special blend of strawberry scented, Japanese, two-stroke oil, and mountings that fit a halberd making this scooter fit for fearsome jousting.

Johnny Cake originally trained under a Whooping Crane Wu-Li master in Oregon. Since moving to Boston, he has become the combat battalion's Adjutant General, directing training and formulating strategic manuevers. Little Buddy came by his skills watching 1970s scooter movies shot in Hong Kong. He practiced his moves late at night under the lights at Ronan Park when the cops were distracted elsewhere. He is the battalion's Attache General. The two of them keep the Peppermint Squad's fighting forces ship shape. By combining their two styles into a new form of scoot-jitsu they have welded together a rag tag band of scooteristas that have yet to meet their match.

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