Friday, January 12, 2007

Kream Kollision!!!

The duel is on and a buzz is being generated. Tongues are wagging about the upcoming death match between Mr. David Spinelli, The Berlin Pilgrim and Whalehead King. Expectations are high, perhaps exceedingly so.

For the record: No blood should be shed. There will not be fisticuffs. The Pilgrim and The Ambassador are on good terms and neither wants to see the other hurt. Despite the lack of actual violence, this should be an interesting time. Expect a tsunami of metaphors and alliteration in a teacup. If the idea gets your heart pumping, you had better be at Kream Koffeehouse on Wednesday night, January 17.

Mr. Spinelli chose the topics so Whalehead King is on unfamiliar terrain. He will not be able to talk about only New London, or will he? As to what Mr. Spinelli is up to, no one knows. The topics are two serious and one trivial. We all know where Mr. King excels, but what are the challenger's strengths? We are biting our nails in anticipation.

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