Thursday, January 11, 2007

Challenge of the Decade.

The Berlin Pilgrim offered Whalehead King a challenge. He wants to go head to head against New London's Unelected Poet Laureate. Three poems on themes of the challenger's choosing presented in public. Mr. King only writes in prose paragraphs even though he often waxes poetic. He picked up the glove and slapped his adversary on the cheek. "Accepted, sir."

Next Wednesday at Kream Coffee House, Mr. David Spinelli and Mr. Matthew King will alternate readings of their newly written work on three themes of Mr. Spinelli's choosing at Open Mike Night. They are not rehearsing. This is not a cabaret. These are two earnest and erstwhile writers trying to best each other, no holds barred. It is a wrestling match of words worthy of the Ocean Beach Boardwalk.

This is a serious joke. It should be rowdy and enthusiastic, with plenty of applause and hissing. Great ideas will be presented with all the folderal poetry promises, but it will not be dull. Mark your calendar and clear your datebook on Wednesday after 8:00 PM.

Friendly acquaintances, Mr. Spinelli and Mr. King are forgetting their previous handshakes. It will be each man for himself performing without a net. This is the biggest event ever to unfold at a coffee house poetry reading. Everyone will be a winner.

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