Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

We know who got the credit for shooting Liberty Valance. It was Jimmy Stewart who was later elected United States Senator. It is true Jimmy Stewart was brave as he steeled his nerve and aimed his pistol at the baddest man in the territory. Jimmy Stewart had strong convictions and stood by what was right. He didn’t shoot Liberty Valance though.

Jimmy Stewart couldn’t fire a gun. He had the will but not the strength. If he found it in the end, he didn’t really know how to do it. properly. John Wayne knew this, but he also knew that it was Jimmy Stewart’s destiny. He took a larger view. John Wayne went secretly, armed with a rifle, as Jimmy Stewart's backup.

We know who shot Liberty Valance. We know who got the credit for doing so. We know both men deserve the credit. Jimmy Stewart was great. He made you believe in the common man. John Wayne was great. He made you believe in yourself.

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crow said...

surely you realize your link here goes to "," a handy site offering cures for premature ejaculation and breast enlargement pills.

was worried typos would be your undoing.

Mr. Matthew King said...

Typos will be my undoing. I dispatched someone on this right away and the problem has been fixed. Thank you for your alerting the staff of Sincerely, Whalehead King, Himself.

crow said...

i wasn't going to say anything, but while i'm on a streak, your email address is misspelled at the bottom of the page here:

a concerned citizen, a guardian of proper spelling


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