Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Discrepancy Explained

There has been some confusion recently about how, on Dec. 10, New London was described as being colder than a witch's teat and a few days later it was described as Nutmeg Hawai'i. Those who have questions have obviously never been to Connecticut's Whaling City, a place so compact and yet so vast it can contain contradictions.

Your humble narrator lives on Post Hill in New London, a summit on which the sun always shines. The waterfront is buffetted by the breezes of the unbridled Atlantic, and thus its climate is more chilly than that enjoyed in the rest of the city. New Londoners despise plagarism. There was once a movement afoot after Coleridge published a famous poem, to rename Post Hill, Xanadu. Sane heads prevailed and the traditional name was retained.

There is a story that the top of Post Hill is the historical location of the Garden of Eden and that the famous apple tree grew where the statue of Nathan Hale now stands. There is only purely anecdotal evidence to lead to this conclusion, but it is true that to the people who live there, Post Hill is a kind of paradise.

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