Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nutmeg Hawai'i

Ocean Beach has been called the Waikiki of Connecticut. Much like an island paradise in the middle of the Pacific, New London enjoys pleasant weather year round. It rarely rains in New London, but today was a brief exception. It did sprinkle a bit this afternoon, but not in a way to inconvenience anyone. It was a pleasant shower for pedestrians and for the intrepid souls on motor scooters.

It was just after school had let out and children were walking home with their heads turned up catching raindrops in their mouths. When it rains in New London, people say the angels are weeping with joy. It is Hawai'i-warm in the Whaling City this week and the rain cooled things off to a refreshing temperature. It was a welcome respite from the city's usual cloudless climate.

Winter is coming eventually and snow will fall as thickly as the snow on top of Hawai'ian mountains. New London loves snow, which is why the city's plows take their time clearing the roads. This really is a idyllic city blessed by Mother Nature. Even stormy weather is pleasant.

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Anonymous said...

OK... We read a few more entries and are dying laughing. The great weather crap is brilliant. We never had one white Christmas in the history of our stay. Normally cloudless skys and little rain? What drugs are you on?

Are you a resident of one of the many NL group homes?


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