Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Broken Yolk

Whalehead King recently had breakfast at The Broken Yolk at the end of Montauk Avenue. It opens before dawn and serves people who are up and about early. This makes it very attractive for a man who is up early, early in the day, but doesn't want to go to Norm's Diner in Groton.

Though The Broken Yolk serves contractors and service people who need to get a jump on the day, remember we are in New London's Sixth District, the toniest part of the city. It is an odd place to see dirty pick-up tucks and vans overloaded with tools and construction materials. It is probably the only place in the Sixth District where you will find men in coveralls and baseball caps enjoying a meal.

The menu at the Broken Yolk reflects its chi-chi surroundings. Omletes are made with asparagus, avacado, and capers. Slices or artisinal bread are cut off the loaf with a knife. The cook is a talented chef who looks for the best ingredients he can find, which he combines with a finesse that rivals the food served in the casinos to high rollers.

Best of all, continuing a Yankee and New London tradition, at The Broken Yolk you can order baked beans for breakfast. No one will bat an eye, and the beans are not from a can. They are real beans soaked and slow baked to most perfect flavor and nutritional value.

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