Saturday, October 28, 2006

Je m'apelle Soupcon Vichy

What attracts the French to a whaling city? Is there something in the sperm-soaked soil that draws a frenchman to get lost in New London's fog? New London is nothing like London, England. That much is sure. If there is anything a frenchman hates, it is an englishman. New Londoners call only thier city thier home. Frenchmen seem enamoured with New London's jeune filles.

So many French visit New London, CT that baguettes and croissants have started to appear on the shelves of the city's italian bakeries. Elim Bakery, a Caribbean bakeshop has even started carrying long, crusty bread for the occasional tourist who drops in. Escargots have been put back on the menu at the Bulkley House and Sailest may be gaining an 'n' its its name to accomodate the French who like to come to our city in July.

New London will never be mistaken for Pa-ree. Despite that, it does have its gay side.

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